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My chocolate is an art form to serve my love to everybody. By creating my chocolates in small batches I ensure both visual beauty and luxurious taste are perfected in each piece.

While my passion is chocolate, my beginning was acting. I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Tish School of the Arts at New York University.

In 1998, I left NYC and my acting career behind and moved to Florida. As a big city girl, I was lost in the south. While I was in search of a new career, I had a chance to visit France frequently and explore its food and fashion.

One rainy day in Paris, I was introduced to the world of French pastry and made me realize that the French pastry was another form of art. 

I felt like I finally found a new career that would challenge me… 

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What Happened Next?

With zero experience in pastry making, I started an intensive and hard training. By 2010, I had completed two diplomas from École Ritz Escoffier and École Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris, France. My journey with  French pastry training eventually led me to focus on chocolate making. In December 2017, I introduced my first chocolate creation to the public.

I credit my love of creating something delicious and beautiful to my father, who would tell me, “When you are tasting fine cuisine, you should not just eat and be happy. First, take a look at the plate and learn how each ingredient is decorated. Observe and determine the complexity of the flavours. If you favor the taste, try to analyze how you will be able to recreate it in your way”. This teaching always stayed in the back of my mind. I want my chocolate to be a delight for both the eyes and palate.

I believe in the sanctification of honest work. I hope everybody will be touched by His love through my chocolate.